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I’m Jim Marter running for Congress in Illinois’ 14th District.

I love America and our freedoms. We need to defend and preserve them for future generations. Much of what our government does, stands in the way of a prosperous and free future.

In Congress, I will fight for your God-given rights and be relentless at cutting the size and scope of the federal government. With the right policies and unwavering commitment, we can unleash the economy, secure our nation and advance the American Dream.

Who we send to Congress matters. With the right people representing us, we can again become the standard by which all nations are measured, in education, healthcare, security, innovation and quality of life. With your help, America can be the strongest, safest and most respected nation the world. Let’s make America productive, prosperous and free.

Will you help? If our commitment is firm, our future is bright.

I’m Jim Marter and I’m asking for your support.

In Congress, these will be my priorities

Cut Spending

Improve Security

Protect Freedom

Grow Opportunity

Unite America

We must defend the American dream

We need policies that uphold and defend American values, principles, rights and freedoms. You have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Big government is a threat to all three. Government officials who believe they can silence your speech, restrict your healthcare options, close your houses of worship, pry into your finances and threaten your job, are not worthy to represent you or this great nation. It’s time to replace them. Let’s do that for Illinois’ 14th District. Will you join me in the fight?


Oswego Library Board Trustee


Kendall County GOP Chairman Picked up 13 New Republican Seats


Unanimously as Deputy for IL-14 Congressional District on GOP State Central Committee
Candidate for Congress IL-14 to replace Democrat Lauren Underwood

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