Jim Marter, running for Congress in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District has been an outspoken supporter of United States ally, Israel. Today, Marter is calling for Lauren Underwood to condemn Progressive Chair, Representative Jaypal for comments about Israel being a “racist state.”

“As your next Congressman, I will always call balls and strikes when it comes to condemning anti-Semitism. I condemn Rep. Jaypal’s comments about Israel and I encourage Lauren Underwood to do the same”, said Marter.

Marter, a Republican, continues to press his Democrat opponent to join him in breaking the silence when it comes to anti-Semitism and support policies that support Israel.

“I promise that among the positive changes voters can expect from my being in Congress, is a commitment to condemning anti-Semitism, bigotry and discrimination of all kinds. It’s time for the people of Illinois’ 14th District to have their values represented once again in Washington,” said Marter.