Cut Spending

In Congress, I will be relentless in my efforts to reduce the size and scope of the federal government. The out of control spending of our political class is robbing future generations of the American Dream. I will fight to end government waste, fraud, abuse and believe that government should live within a balanced budget, just like the working people who pay for it.

Grow Opportunity

I will work to proactively dismantle the policies that have robbed us of our energy independence, disadvantaged the American worker, raised inflation, lowered productivity, put small businesses at risk and suffocated innovation. The market needs less self-enriching politicians meddling in it and more everyday Americans prospering in it.

Protect Freedom

You have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Big government is a threat to all three. Officials who believe they can silence your speech, restrict your healthcare, close your houses of worship, pry into your finances, threaten your job and your ability to defend yourself, are not worthy to represent you or this great nation. I will restore liberty and protect your rights.

Improve Security

We need this within our borders, at our border and beyond our borders. Bad policies have created a humanitarian crisis for immigrants, a disaster for American workers and increased threats to our national security. There are risks to our health, the integrity of our elections, the safety of our neighborhoods and even terrorism. With widespread sex trafficking, drug smuggling, gang violence and opioid addiction, we need leaders with courage. I understand these issues, am supported by experts on them and in Congress I’ll work to secure the border, support law enforcement and protect American jobs and our way of life, from threats foreign and domestic.

Unite America

Anti-American “agents of change” are intentionally dividing us, with grave consequences. Schools are abandoning academics to push political activism, gender narratives and junk science, increasing hatred, depression and confusion in our youth. Political agendas are affecting everything from how our military protects us, what laws are selectively enforced and what medicines we have access to. We’re failing a generation by offering no alternative to embracing destructive ideologies that  promise big but bring only hardship and despair. We need leaders who demand better and will promote American values and exceptionalism.  

Issues at a glance

  • Economy:

    We need free market principles and smart trade policy. The government should not politicize industries, picking winners and threatening competition.
  • Election Integrity:

    America’s elections need dramatically better protection from foreign and domestic meddling, criminal activity and abuse.
  • Immigration:

    We need to enforce existing law, secure the border and end harmful practices putting us at risk.
  • Medical Tyranny:

    We need to stop the medical tyranny being promoted and in some instances forced upon us by government agendas that have nothing to do with science.
  • Energy:

    We need to return to energy independence which is crucial to national security.
  • Foreign Policy:

    Congress has a duty to put America first. We need people of integrity representing us, who can set aside their desire for political power and personal enrichment, and advance the interests and security of the United States of America.
  • Social Security:

    We need to protect Americans who rely on it but reform this program that will fail future generations.
  • Life:

    I am pro-life. We should not be funding Planned Parenthood and we should protect innocent children in the womb.
  • First Amendment:

    We need to stop censorship, protect free speech, religious liberty and our other Constitutional rights
  • Second Amendment:

    I firmly support your Second Amendment rights
  • Education:

    The federal government has failed with Common Core and the Department of Education. Its role in education must be reduced.
  • Healthcare:

    The Affordable Care Act gave us less choice and dramatically higher prices. We need to repeal it.
  • Taxes:

    Working people and families should pay less in taxes. It’s one way to unleash the economy.
  • Military:

    I support a strong military and the brave men and women who serve. We must honor, care for and improve the lives of our vets.
  • Terrorism:

    Those who promote terror are the enemies of freedom. They respect strength and are emboldened by weakness.
Principled Conservative, Grassroots Approved. Republican-Illinois.
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