Congressional Candidate James Marter announced today, that he is calling for Congresswoman Lauren Underwood to return donations she received from James Simons. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Simons owes the IRS over $670 million in back taxes.

“While she and her Democrat Party allies in Congress wage war on working people, their friends get to break the rules without repercussions or accountability. Congresswoman Underwood takes the money and looks the other way,” said Marter.

“This is how the Democrats roll out their harmful agenda without using legislative process. Their mega-donors break the laws and get a pass by funneling money into campaigns. You’ll also see them pushing anti-freedom, un-American ideas like imposing mask mandates, forced vaccinations, educational dictates and censorship. This type of political corruption needs to end and I and the people of Illinois demand Representative Underwood return those funds from this questionable source.”