“I’m excited and grateful to receive this important endorsement from the Veterans For America First. Their mission to support our veterans and first responders is a mission I share with them and I’m glad to be recognized for it,” said Marter.

“These folks deserve our highest level of honor and support and their well-being should be a top priority. It will be a priority of mine when I’m in Congress. I share the VFAF’s recognition that vets and first responders have service and life experiences that are valuable in all policy discussions, not just ones related to military, law enforcement or emergency health services. We need to benefit from their wisdom and be inspired by their unique sacrifices. They will a Representative in the House who listens to them once again and who will be a voice for them in Congress, once I’m elected.”

The VFAF is a national veterans and first responder civil liberties grassroots organization. Republican Jim Marter is running to replace Democrat Lauren Underwood in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District. Jim has deep roots in the district and strong grassroots support at the local, county, district, state and national level. He serves as an elected Oswego Library Board Member, is the current, twice elected GOP County Chair of Kendall County and recently became the 14th Congressional District’s Deputy on the GOP’s State Central Committee.

Marter has been endorsed by over a hundred state and local elected officials, grassroots mobilizers, members of clergy and more. He also has the endorsement of national figures with extensive experience in government, foreign policy, homeland security, education, immigration, law enforcement, tax-policy and religious liberty.