Today James Marter, Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois 14, pledged to support legislation creating a parents bill of rights in the education of their children. 

“As a father and grandfather, I strongly believe that parents should have a voice in the education of their children.  The Biden Administration, attempting to classify engaged parents as ‘domestic terrorists’ is not only wrong, it’s outrageous,” said Matter. “For decades, experts have been telling us that we need more parental involvement but now that it’s politically inexpedient for one party, we need to attack parents and silence them. I reject that notion. Politics is poisoning enough in our society and we don’t need it poisoning our children’s education.”     

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) introduced a bill to defend parent’s rights in their children’s education.  The legislation will guarantee parents a seat at the table on education decisions and keep them informed of the curriculum. They will know what their tax dollars are funding and be able to speak at school board meetings without fear of reprisal.  Moreover, parents will be able to check on their kids at school, access their child’s school data, and be informed how any third-party groups use their personal data.

“We need to protect and educate the next generation,” said Marter.  “This is common sense legislation that every parent wants.  I don’t know if Lauren Underwood will stand up for parents but I will.”