Jim Marter has been declared the winner in the Republican Primary for Illinois’ 14th Congressional District. Marter received overwhelming support from Republican voters in all 7 counties in the District. Local media called the race early in the evening with Marter expected to win nearly 80% of the vote.

“Jim ran a flawless Primary. He has a great ground game, an excellent media strategy, a growing donor base and over 100 endorsements,” said a campaign spokesperson. “Best of all, he has a great reputation and message. He loves Faith, Family and Freedom and his character and commitment are not in question.”

Marter’s endorsements include Congresswoman Mary Miller and groups representing a wide array of constituents including Moms for America Action, Illinois Family Action, Veterans for America First, Illinois Citizens for Life, and other groups representing workers, taxpayers, minority interests and more. Marter is also endorsed by 100+ elected officials and community leaders around the district.

“This is about a mission to restore Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,” Marter told an enthusiastic crowd of supporters in Oswego, Illinois, his first of three stops on Election Night, Tuesday. “We the People deserve to be represented. Lauren Underwood votes Left of The Squad and this is not a Left-of-The-Squad District. We’re going to take it back, increase the Republican Majority in Congress and get things done in Washington.”

Underwood’s Hard Left voting record can be seen on websites like www.LibertyScore.ConservativeReview.com. There, she is shown to vote against liberty 98% of the time, putting her to the left of Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Rep. Underwood’s Record:

• Failed to keep America safe. Failing to secure the border while she served on Homeland Security Committee. She has said in her own town halls, that she doesn’t believe children and women are being victimized by sexual abuse and human trafficking and she has turned her back on Americans by ignoring the Democrat created crisis at our Southern Border.

• Failed to denounce hateful speech against America and anti-Semitism by her Party in Congress. She refuses to condemn Hamas terrorists and stands by groups like Chicago BLM who openly supported them on social media.

• Failed families and the Business Community. She has fueled inflation with out-of-control spending in Washington, put American jobs at risk and shuttered our Energy Sector.

We need to elect people motivated by their love for America and concern for their fellow citizens rather than their pursuit of personal political power. In this Primary, Jim Marter made the case directly to the people, contrasting his common sense, pro-America policies with those of his opposition. With civil discussions, grassroots strength and growing donor support from around the country, Marter now sets his sights on building a victory in November, unseating Lauren Underwood.

Marter’s domestic policy platform promises to:

  • Bring American Energy back
  • Stop policies fueling inflation
  • Defend our rights and freedoms
  • Secure our border
  • Protect our votes and
  • Protect parents’ rights, especially in our schools

www.Marter4Congress.US expands on Marter’s message of national security, unleashing of the economy and advancing the American Dream.

“In Congress, I will fight to protect your God-given rights and freedoms. I’ll be relentless at cutting the size and overreach from the federal government. I encourage people across Illinois and the nation, to join me, support my campaign and do what they can to spread the message that’s it’s up to us to Save America and the American Dream. It’s our time and America is depending on us.”