James Marter, running for Congress in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District, has again demonstrated his leadership with early support for Senator Rick Scott’s Plan to Rescue America.

“This mission has been my mission. It gets to the heart of what people in my district and all around America are growing increasingly impatient about,” said Marter.

“We need to end the division, increase law and order, secure our border and unleash our economy. We need fair elections, pro-family policies and education that is child-focused and science-based, not agenda driven. This plan is in-sync with my promise to be relentless against government waste, fraud and abuse. It recognizes that all of America should be a safe place for religious belief and that people do not flock here for a globalist vision, but instead, for the America Dream. America is worthy of our love and we ought to have self-respect as a nation. Senator Scott’s plan, if we pursue it, will preserve our beloved nation for generations to come. He can expect my support in Congress for this plan.”

James Marter is running to replace Democrat Representative, Lauren Underwood, citing her lock-step adherence to President Biden’s leftist agenda. Marter signed on to the plan at https://rescueamerica.com/ and points to his own website and record in demonstration of his consistent support for the principles that Senator Scott’s plan addresses. The Marter for Congress website is https://marter4congress.us/