James Marter, candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 14th District, expressed outrage over president Biden’s plan to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 per person, for being separated at the border. The plans, exposed by the Wall Street Journal, involve the Department of Justice, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services. Illegal immigrant families could get $1 million from U.S. taxpayers, for breaking into our country.

“Today, I call on Congresswoman Underwood to denounce this policy, which is an assault on all working Americans and millions of legal immigrants. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single constituent who supports this policy and yet Congresswoman Underwood continues to flat out refuse to represent us. This is why I will be replacing her in Congress,” said Marter.

“The average retirement savings for American households is $65,000. Biden and Underwood apparently want to take nearly seven times the amount many Americans work all their lives to save up and give it away to people breaking our laws to get into our country. This is an insult and an outrage. Meanwhile, the federal government only pays $100,000 to the families of soldiers who die protecting our country and our freedoms. Lauren Underwood? She stays silent on the sidelines, ready to rubber stamp the Biden Agenda and stamping out the savings of the taxpayers.”

Marter says we need to end the Democrat policies that created the current chaos at the border and not pile on top, taxpayer abuse in order to act like something is being done about it. “Make no mistake about it, the humanitarian, health and economic crisis, starting at the border and now spreading across the country, are the result of Underwood’s failure to represent us and our failure to send the right people to Washington. We’re going to right that wrong in this next election.”