Jim Marter, Republican for Congress in Illinois’ 14th District has called on his opponent, Democrat Lauren Underwood to join him in condemning a social media post depicting a Hamas parachutist and a Palastinian Flag.

“The civilized world is outraged at what we’re seeing in Israel at the hands of Hamas. Terror, kidnapping, murder and war crimes. Hamas is an officially designated terrorist group according to the U.S. State Department and has been since the 1990s. It’s unthinkable that anyone would approve of their activities so I’m asking Representative Underwood to join me in condemning any support shown for terrorist groups. I encourage her constituents to let their voice be heard on this issue. An organization giving social media support to Hamas does not reflect the values of peace, tolerance and religious freedom. Hate and anti-Semitism is not a part of the community in Illinois’ 14th District, where I live and am running for Congress. We need Representatives in Congress who share our values,” said Marter.

An outlandish social media post from BLM Chicago shows a parachutist with a Palestinian flag and the words “I stand with Palestine” on it. At the time of this release, it is the group’s Facebook Banner. Earlier this week, Hamas sparked war in the Middle East and sent parachutists into the site of a large party in Israel, opening fire on and kidnapping unarmed civilians in the crowd. They have since fired thousands of rockets into Israel, killing hundreds. Iran, the largest state sponsor of terror is a major source of funding for Hamas and recently received billions in freed up funds from the Biden Administration.

Jim Marter has long been an outspoken supporter of Israel and their right to defend themselves. He will continue to support that right and to call on Lauren Underwood and others to take a strong stand against celebrating violence and anti-Semitism.

To learn more about Marter’s run for Congress, visit www.Marter4Congress.us.