Jim Marter, Candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District has released a statement on his support of Israel, upon the outbreak of war in the Middle East.

“When America fails to lead, evil takes the lead. The policies of my opponent have not only been one of appeasement but have gone far beyond to actually funding state sponsors of terror. I’m referring to Lauren Underwood and her rubberstamping of the failed policies of the Biden Administration. Not only has she failed to call out anti-Semitism in her own party, regularly coming from House Democrats Omar and Tlaib, she has done nothing to stop the millions of dollars helping Iran, the largest state sponsor of terror and the PLO, supporters of the terrorist group Hamas, now waging war on our ally, Israel,” said Marter.

“I want the American people, the people of my district and our friends in Israel to know that I support them in their right to exist and defend themselves against their enemies. This is consistent with my policy stances and the antithesis of my opponent Lauren Underwood. She does not represent the values of her district and she does not support the interests of our most important ally in the Middle East, Israel. That’s why I’m working hard to replace her and I will in the next General Election. Bad policies ruin economies and embolden evil and we’re seeing that manifested at home and abroad.”

Jim Marter is running to replace Democrat Lauren Underwood for Illinois’ 14th Congressional District. More information about his campaign, his stance on the issues and ways to get involved, may be found at www.marter4congress.us.