Congressional Candidate, James Marter announced today that his bid for Congress will be to unseat Congresswoman Lauren Underwood. Anticipating the new congressional district maps, Marter is expecting the new IL14 to be his home district. 

“We need leadership and representation for this district in Congress, to help Illinois out of the crisis we’re in,” says Marter. “Bad federal policies make bad state governance even worse, and Congresswoman Underwood and her party have failed our communities, state and nation. Today is the first step to holding her accountable.”

  • Underwood’s leadership failure: On the homeland security front, instead of being a “check and balance,” she has been a rubber stamp. That failure of leadership had caused a humanitarian crisis at the border and a threat to public health and national security.
  • Underwood’s moral failure: She refused to denounce the anti-Semitism of her colleagues and mentors, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. By looking away, she has given us no confidence in her ability to make right decisions in the interest of our communities. We can expect only division and politically motivated decisions that advance her party’s radical agenda, through any means necessary, even hateful ones.
  • Underwood’s failure to represent constituents: She has failed to protect our tax dollars with out-of-control spending and has failed to protect our business community, with failed socialist policies. Instead of representation, we’ve endured unprecedented power grabs and attacks on our basic rights to make decisions about our own health, our religious freedoms, the education of our families and how the fruits of our labor are spent.

In stark contrast, James Marter’s record shows we can expect sound decisions based on principles and analysis, backed by real leadership abilities. His leadership has led to 13 new Republican seats in Kendall County where he is GOP Chairman. His success comes from uniting, not dividing.

“We The People are supposed to have a say in government. It’s not ‘We The Subjects’ of a power hungry and radical government, addicted to taxing, spending and self-enrichment. People here know already, I will always put them first and make decisions accordingly.”

James Marter will be touring the district on Friday, with several planned stops and meetings with supporters.


For questions or more information, visit Marter4Congress.US To set up interviews with Mr. Marter, call, text or email his Media Relations Director at [email protected] or (847) 970-1409.