Congressional Candidate, James Marter has issued a statement in response to Attorney General, Merrick Garland’s memo this week.

“AG Garland’s memo to the FBI is a declaration of war on parents’ rights,” says Marter. “Parents want to be heard at school board meetings when they feel their children are at risk from hyper-sexualized and inappropriate content to divisive and discriminatory critical race theory. Merrick Garland disagrees. Instead of protecting parental rights, his memo states he’ll use his authority and resources to fight harassment and intimidation of school administrators, boards and staff. So discipline in the classroom has been replaced by discipline at the school board meetings, with parents now in the FBI’s crosshairs.”

“I don’t think we need another know-it-all bureaucrat from D.C., running our school board meetings and telling us which parents can be heard and which parents can’t. Curiously, Republican, Adam Kinzinger and Democrat, Lauren Underwood are nowhere to be found when it comes to supporting parents. Maybe they’re sleeping in, with the teachers’ unions.”