“I’m excited and grateful to receive this important endorsement from Illinois Family Action. Their mission in part is to make sure our politicians and representatives honor the values of family, faith and freedom. For too long, we’ve confined the voice of people of faith to their houses of worship. Then, we started seeing big government locking them out of their churches. Pro-family, pro-faith, regular Americans, deserve a voice in Congress and in society. They pay taxes, make their communities better and try to raise their kids as productive citizens who love America and their fellow man. I share these values and I hear their voice. Freedom, family and faith are pillars of our society and policies should favor them, not undermine them,” said Marter.

“I’m honored to get this endorsement and the issues we care about have real life consequences if we elect people on the wrong side of them. Things like poverty, drug abuse, gambling addiction, crime, violence, human trafficking and so much more, have deep connections to what I call family-unfriendly policies and institutions that break down the family rather than support it. We need to stop electing people who dismiss ethics and morality, and instead see them as vital to society. That’s why I’m running for Congress.”

Illinois Family Action is the largest 501(c)(4), non-profit political advocacy and lobbying organization in Illinois, dedicated to preserving and advancing the interests of family, faith, and freedom. They are advocates for life, school choice, religious liberty, parental rights, fiscally responsible government, equality under the law and protecting our unalienable rights. They do excellent work in educating both the public and politicians on the virtues of good government while exposing the horrific consequences when the voices of people of faith are muted by our government.

“Jim will be an advocate for what we care about: people, from the womb to the tomb. God-given rights, which are given to everyone at all levels of our society, must be protected. We’re thrilled to, and voted unanimously, to endorse James Marter for Congress,” said David Smith, Executive Director of Illinois Family Action.

Republican Jim Marter is running to replace Democrat Lauren Underwood in Illinois’ 14th Congressional District. Jim has deep roots in the district and strong grassroots support at the local, county, district, state and national level. He serves as an elected Oswego Library Board Member, is the current, twice elected GOP County Chair of Kendall County and recently became the 14th Congressional District’s Deputy on the GOP’s State Central Committee.

Marter has been endorsed by over a hundred state and local elected officials, grassroots mobilizers, members of clergy and more. He has endorsements from veterans, election integrity and tax policy organizations, along with personal endorsements from national figures with expertise in foreign policy, homeland security, education, immigration, law enforcement, tax-policy and religious liberty.