James Marter, running in the Republican Primary to oppose Lauren Underwood, called out his Democrat opponent for favoring partisan politics over representing Illinois’ 14th District.

“Lauren Underwood has made the Biden Agenda her guidebook. She has done nothing to put forth policies that benefit the people of her district, of which I’m one,” said Marter.

“The latest example is Caterpillar’s announcement that they are moving from Illinois to Texas, taking jobs and revenue with them. Caterpillar’s CEO said it was in the company’s best interest to make this move, in order to support their strategy for profitable growth. Thanks to Lauren Underwood’s lack of priorities, we’re majoring in minors and our state is losing big.”

“Failed federal policies disproportionately affect the people of Illinois and my district. That’s because the Democrat Party in Illinois, operates the same way Lauren Underwood does, unchecked and unaccountable. There’s no need for spending controls, pro-growth policies or lowering taxes to attract business and jobs, if you operate in a bubble, cut off from the regular working people. So instead, we have high taxes, high energy costs and a hostile business environment. We need to stop sending people to Congress who are too much like most of the people we elect around here. It compounds our problems,” added Marter.

Jim Marter, who is certified in production and inventory control, understands business. He has a degree in Industrial Management and 35 years of experience including working with Fortune 100 companies both nationally and internationally. He has worked alongside workers on the assembly line and with corporate leaders in the C-Suite, managing multi-million dollar projects across diverse industries, covering all phases of the business process. No one else in the race has this type of experience and now more than ever, we need less lawyers in Congress and more business people like Jim Marter.

Marter’s priorities are found on his website and include getting our economy back on track and bringing representation in Washington, back to the workers and businesses of Illinois and the 14th Congressional District.