Jim Marter, Candidate for Congress from Illinois, is wanting answers on some key votes, citing the disparity between what he hears from residents of the 14th District and the recent votes by their rep in Congress.

“Recent votes do not match the values of our district and we’re suffering from a lack of leadership and representation. My campaign is an opportunity to rectify this situation,” said Marter.

“HR798 was proposed as a condemnation of anti-Semitism on college campuses. Nearly 400 House Members supported the resolution. Our current rep voted against it and we’d like an explanation. Nearly two dozen Democrats joined the Republicans in voting to censure Democrat House Member Rashida Tlaib over her comments that included blaming Israel for the attack on a Gaza hospital, even though Newsweek and other sources reported that U.S. intelligence had cleared Israel of any wrongdoing. There was even bi-partisan support of censuring Democrat Jamaal Bowman for pulling a Capitol Hill fire alarm, disrupting a vote in Congress. Again, IL-14 came up short on representative integrity and we want answers from Lauren Underwood.”

Illinoisans can expect courageous leadership from Jim Marter who won’t cater to special interests or party politics when they are at odds with our community’s values.

Jim Marter is running to replace Democrat Lauren Underwood for Illinois’ 14th Congressional District. More information about his campaign, his stance on the issues and ways to get involved, may be found at www.marter4congress.us.