James Marter Supports The House Freedom Caucus. He aims to be the first Illinois Congress Representative to join the Freedom Caucus.

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Fellow Patriots and Friends,

The race for Illinois’ 14th District in the U.S. House of Representatives is of national importance! Congresswoman Lauren Underwood is the most Liberal Socialist Democrat in Congress! She is occupying a seat held by Republicans for 46 of the last 50 years! Lost by devastating failure of massive proportion in the 2018 election in ILLINOIS. This district is a swing district now and we can take it back for America! Our race can set the tone for electing America loving patriots who will Secure the Border and Build the Wall. I need your help!

I am taking on the fight to restore LIBERTY and our Constitution, protect our 2nd Amendment, defend LIFE, and as your Representative in Congress, I will be relentless in the pursuit of cutting the size and scope of government, eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse from government and cutting government bureaucracy and agencies, which are neither necessary at the federal level nor constitutional. aka “Draining the Swamp”!

Why? To stop Washington D.C. from taking so much from you, so you can keep the fruits of your labor! With strong grassroots backing and Patriots like you, we can win this and take our Pro-Growth, Pro-President Trump, America First message directly to the voters to Keep America Great!

The Time is now, I’m asking for your support and if you can to make a generous donation to help us fight back. The Left does not care about our Republic, the Constitution, or the voice of “We the People”. We won’t let them win again. We are asking all of you to help with our $100 or more challenge.

We know you work hard for your money, and when I’m in Washington D.C. I will work hard to give you back more of your hard earned money! If you are one of thousands of people supporting our victory, we’ll be able to make waves and gain national support!

We need to send a LOUD & CLEAR message to the establishment politicians in Washington that real American patriots and conservatives are tired of being taken advantage of and want their representatives in Congress to actually “do what they said”! Like Repeal OBAMACARE or as we know it the “Unaffordable Care Act”, Making Healthcare Affordable Again, while protecting pre-existing conditions, allowing competition across states lines, cutting Taxes and Spending, and downsize Washington D.C.! Finally, we need to tackle the problem of the national debt ($22 trillion) to secure our LIBERTIES for now and for the next generations of Americans!

We need you to let your family and friends know about this race and why you are supporting me in the race. We need their support too! Let’s work together so you can keep doing what you do every day, Making America Great!

I’m counting on you so you can count on me as your Representative for Illinois 14 in Congress. God Bless you, God Bless President Trump, and God Bless AMERICA!



With sincerest regards, Jim Marter


Thursday May 30, 2019 — Marter, of Oswego, files for Congress in IL14 to unseat Underwood


Campaign Event NEWS: The Marter for Congress Campaign was recently in Huntley, IL at an event hosted by the The Huntley Area Tea Party. Thank you so much to all those who attended this event. Please check back here for more events being added in July and August.

Parades Galore…If you are interested in walking a parade with the campaign on the Saturday, July 6 in Sandwich, IL and Sunday, July 7th in Crystal Lake, IL please contact the campaign at info@marter4congress.us All are welcome. Contact us for details or check out the events section of Facebook. More parade dates for the district will be updated here later this month.


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